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Metrics on HRPP Performance

AAHRPP is pleased to present the 2023 metrics for Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) performance. 
You will see some changes to the metrics that were based on feedback from a working group with representatives from accredited organizations. More changes to come next year. AAHRPP provides these data to help research organizations, researchers, sponsors, government agencies, and participants identify and support high-performing practices for HRPPs.

These metrics are collected from Annual Reports, as well as Step 1 and Step 2 applications, submitted by accredited organizations.  All the quantitative data were derived from the most recent reports by AAHRPP organizations.

The metrics include data about:

  • the types of organizations accredited
  • what regulations and guidelines organizations apply
  • the number of active studies organizations have
  • types of funding that support research organizations conduct, review, or manage
  • how many IRBs or ECs organizations support
  • IRB/EC review times
  • IRB/EC staffing and budgets
  • audits of researchers and IRBs/ECs
  • unresolved complaints and determinations of serious or continuing noncompliance and unanticipated problems

Current Metrics